Quiz Prizes

The Prizes are Bookmarks, and Bookmarks are the Prizes! What better way to reward those of you who obviously love filling your heads with words as much as images.

In the spirit of painting with words and poetry in colour, here are some nice images of Paris to accompany and hopefully enrich your relaxing reading moments.

Each image has been carefully cropped from an original Paris street photograph by Sab, err, that's me, and together they give a good idea of what my Paris street photography is about and the feelings I try to capture or create.

Clicking the images should give you a larger, intentionally grotty version, and if you wish you can order the whole lot for a very unreasonable sum, but I do intend them simply to be fun prizes for those who take the time to have a go at the quizzes or just leave a friendly comment of any type.
Paris Paul reading like a...
crazy m*th*rr**d*r
And here, for good measure, are some of the clever winners having lots of reading fun with their super prizes.

Paris Paul's ingenuity
knows no limits!
OK, this blog hasn't been going  long so patience, but you get the idea! Click the pics for more surprises...

I look forward to reading you on the Paris Photo Quiz and beyond - happy reading!

(And come back soon for more winners...)
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