Saturday, 19 March 2011

Paris Photo Quiz No.23 ~ 'This is... a Healthy House!'

Test Your Paris Knowledge
~ 'This is... a Healthy House!' ~


Quiz No. 23: 'This is... a Healthy House!'

Question: "OK, so what's so 'healthy' about it then?

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Here you can see a beautiful plaque, which I've heard called enamel but which looks earthenware to me, on the wall of a Parisian building, visible from the street. The plaque's not in very good condition, both in this original picture and in reality, although my excuses for the photo are that I did take the shot at night, handheld, in gloomy conditions, and if you saw the original before I cleaned it up you'd probably say, err, what plaque?
It's also very rare; I know of only four remaining in the whole of the city. A dying species in other words. Not too many people actually seem to know their whereabouts (the plaques' I mean), and probably don't care, but they're right there on the walls of Paris for anyone to see 24/7, so obviously plenty of people must be aware of them at least.
I find it truly sad to see them slowly disappearing though, because they send us back more than a century, to a time when it was the fashion to silently brag to your neighbours all about your residence's mod-cons! Well OK, it was probably the house builder who put them up trying to attract new business, or the landlord or person selling the appartments, but anyway... Here comes the quiz: Under the words 'Maison Salubre', which literally means 'healthy' or possibly 'hygienic' or 'sanitary' house, there is the reason why it is supposed to be so healthy. I've helpfully chopped it off for you and will show you the full story in due course. What does the rest of the plaque say and what does it mean?
1) Try to answer before looking at any previous comments.
2) Leave a message with your ideas or saying how you did.
3) Leave a message saying you tried anyway - and feel free to guess!
4) Chat a bit, don't just leave a word or two - that's no fun to read! :-D
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Quiz No. 22: 'Something's Not.. Quite.. Right' ~ Answer & Winner!
And the winner is...
UMM, we dont' quite have one yet, although Marilyn has more or less got the 'quirk'! Still a couple of details needed though, so there's everything to play for people!
I'll give you a clue if you're needing help - don't worry about that odd window on the left or the strange configuration of the highest windows; look at the 'door'. You should be thinking, hmm, as the title says... there's something not quite right about that one! Good luck and let's hear your ideas :-D

Click on the picture to read the original entry and quiz question if you missed it!

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