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Paris Photo Quiz No.22 ~ 'Something's Not.. Quite.. Right'

Test Your Paris Knowledge
~ Something's Not.. Quite.. Right ~


Quiz No. 22: 'Something's Not.. Quite.. Right'

Question: "What's weird about this Classic Paris building?

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A charming, if not particularly 'Haussmannian' Parisian building, I'm sure you'll agree. Except that... hmm. Well, you might be getting to know me by now I guess! In which case you'll probably be mouthing the words 'but not everything is quite as it seems' to yourself as you gaze reflectively at the picture.
And you'd be right, of course. Not everything is quite what it seems with this 'charming, if not particularly 'Haussmannian' Parisian building. But what's the quirk? Well that's what I'm asking you! What's the weird architectural characteristic of this building which is practically unique in the city, (with one or two possible exceptions, but none exactly like this one).
I can't wait to see what you come up with as explanations, and to be honest, there's a straightforward answer which on reflection I'll give you half a point for, but to get the Full Monty you need to delve deeper. Much much deeper...
Look closely at the picture and the elements within it. You may not be able to guess what the answer is just by looking at it, but you might be able to spot a couple of things which don't look quite right, and they may, just possibly, lead you to work out the enigma of this glorious Paris quirk just the way I like 'em. Good luck.
SPECIAL NOTE: Try to answer the question before looking at any previous comments, in case someone has already got the answer. And then leave a message to say how you did! It doesn't matter if you didn't get it right - it's the taking part that matters, and I won't know you took part if you don't leave a message! Pure guesses are just as welcome too. I look forward to reading you (but do give a bit of background to how you know, or don't know, the answers), and thanks for playing!
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Quiz No. 21: 'Aimons, Alors !' ~ Answer & Winner!
And the winner is...
UMM, we dont' quite have one yet! So there's everything to play for people
I'm sure some of you are being modest, because this is actually quite a well-known Parisian place, especially for photos between couples.
Let us know if you've taken your soppy romantic photo next to this, indicating... what? in your very own language. Come on, I'm sure some of you have :-D

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Marilyn said...

The blue door is not a door but a double window. How did I work that one out? No door knob. But where is this building? Its orderly look makes me think it's one of the buildings that overlooks a courtyard at les Invalides.

Sab said...

That's very good Marilyn, very good indeed. But the real trickiness of this photo is yet to be revealed, although I think you did reveal it over on Facebook!

Ricoh said...

Nice photo for passage to 22's, thank you for sharing in this photo, I think you can also share this photo on other social media,.

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