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Paris Photo Quiz No.20 ~ 'Spot The Deliberate(?) Mistake'

Test Your Paris Knowledge
~ Spot The Deliberate(?) Mistake ~

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Quiz No. 20: 'Spot The Deliberate(?) Mistake?'

Question: "Where is this, and what's not quite right?

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You might well be able to guess where this is - it probably reminds you of one of the most famous buildings in Paris. Go on - have a guess; where do you think it is and what building do you think it's part of? You'll probably get it in a couple of attempts.There are two ways to answer this question: literally and anecdotally. Or both, of course
But then there's the more tricky bit, of course. You didn't think I would let you off that lightly, did you?!
The second part of the quiz is by far the most interesting, and that is: what's not quite right about the image above. Take a good, long look at it and try to work it out. It's amazing! anecdotal version is fun and gets right to the heart of French history and local humour and zeitgeist. Hey, you can even make up your own like I did!
As a special concession, if you click on the image above you'll get a close up of the same picture, which might just give you the help you need... I'll give you a clue... it's NOT that the bird's flying backwards ;-)
Now, again there are two ways to answer this second part. You can simply say what's strange about the image... or you can try to give some background information. It's up to you, but above all, do leave a comment and let us know what you think! I look forward to reding you :-D
Stay tuned for the answer and a new quiz here very soon - get commenting, even if you don't know or if someone's already got the answer - the more the merrier, you know I love hearing from you :-D
* = capable ou pas capable (capable or not capable)
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DON'T FORGET: Two or three enthusiastic contributors will receive a couple of wonderful, signed Paris Set Me Free bookmarks by post for their efforts. And if you send me a funny pic back showing the bookmarks in use I'll publish them here and link back to a place of your choice. Look - it happened to Paris Paul, and to Priscilla from Prissy Mag, and it could happen to you too!

Quiz No. 19: 'Macaroon And Croissant Loonies' ~ Answer & Winner!
And the winner is...
UMM, WE DON'T QUITE HAVE ONE YET! I say quite, because a couple of you have got more or less the original meaning of these letters. But not the secondary meanings that were given to them as political statements of the time! So I'll leave it just a little longer before revealing the truth, but well done so far!
And do feel free to have a go or leave a comment or make up a meaning for those four letters 'MACL' if you like - it'll all good fun! 

Click on the picture to read the original entry and quiz question if you missed it!
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Anonymous said...

Ok, I am not sure where it is...but it looks like the letters "N" on the top are backwards. And I am not sure that the top part is actually part of the other roof in the picture. I am going to guess that it's on the Louvre, the wing that Napoleon added on.

Claudia Carroll said...

The Louvre; WWII disguise (the dome)to confuse Nazi pilots?

Claudia Carroll said...

A correction: seems my memory takes me back to having heard about a tower or dome being painted gray to disguise it from bomber pilots?

Sab said...

OK, I'm going to say it is, indeed, the Louvre - well done ladies!
And Claudia - I'd LOVE to know more about that roof-painting story - any way we could find out?

Marilyn said...

If that's a tv 'antenne' at the top, then it should not be there.

Sab said...

He he! You're right, Marilyn! In fact, PreteMoiParis spotted the real anomaly - the 'N's - check them out... (click on the big pic to see the detail) - weird, huh?!

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