Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Paris Photo Quiz No.19 ~ 'Macaroon And Croissant Loonies'

Test Your Paris Knowledge
~ Macaroon And Croissant Loonies ~

'Number 4' - that seems reasonable, but...
...'MACL'? What's that all about? Intriguing...

Quiz No. 19: 'Macaroon And Croissant Loonies'

Question: "No.4, OK, but MACL? What's that about?

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There are two ways to answer this question: literally and anecdotally. Or both, of course. I'll be waiting with interest to see if you're cap'-ou-pas-cap'*!
The literal version is simply what the letters mean. You'll see them occasionally as you wander around certain parts of the city, and they had a very clear significance.
The anecdotal version is fun and gets right to the heart of French history and local humour and zeitgeist. Hey, you can even make up your own like I did!
Personally, I'm a proud Croissant Cruncher, but it seems like we're in danger of being outnumbered by vast numbers of evil Macaroon Munchers being drafted in from overseas. Can these strange obsessions be what the mysterious letters MACL are presciently warning us against? Or is it something assuredly far more down to earth? All will be revealed in due course!
Stay tuned for the answer and a new quiz here very soon - get commenting, even if you don't know or if someone's already got the answer - the more the merrier, you know I love hearing from you :-D
* = capable ou pas capable (capable or not capable)
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DON'T FORGET: Two or three enthusiastic contributors will receive a couple of wonderful, signed Paris Set Me Free bookmarks by post for their efforts. And if you send me a funny pic back showing the bookmarks in use I'll publish them here and link back to a place of your choice. Look - it happened to Paris Paul, and to Priscilla from Prissy Mag, and it could happen to you too!

Quiz No. 18: 'Blue Door Bizarre' ~ Answer & Winner!
And the winner is...
UMM, WE DON'T HAVE ONE YET! So there's everything to play for people!
This one is really intriguing. Before our eyes we see crystal clear evidence of the making of a city, making and changing and something which didn't want to be changed! Can you guess what's happened?
Have a go and I'll give you the answer as soon as someone's got close :-D 

Click on the picture to read the original entry and quiz question if you missed it!
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Jean said...

Since this looks like a church, it might be "Mind the Angst from the Creator our Lord". I don't have a clue about the local humour.

Sab said...

Hmm, very interesting Jean. 'Angst' and not 'Anger'..? OK, good stuff... Anyone else got any cool ideas? :-D

Jean said...

Sab, that was a half cocked translation of "Marche avec la Crainte de l'Eternel".
What? It can't be something dull like "Mutuelle d'Assurance Contre L'incendie?"

Claudia Carroll said...

From Claudia: how about...
The Mutuelle de L'Assurance contre L'Incendie

Sab said...

Hi Claudia! You and Jean are both as close as damn it to what it was originally I guess. But no idea on what those letters were subversively turned into during the revolutionary times?

Thanks for playing :-D

Claudia Carroll said...

Marie-Antoinette Cuckholds Louis? (From Mistress of the Revolution)
Also, another official name may have been "Maison" instead of "Mutuelle."

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