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Paris Photo Quiz No.18 ~ 'Blue Door Bizarre'

Test Your Paris Knowledge
~ Blue Door Bizarre ~
Paris Set Me Free - Paris Photo Quiz 18 - 'Blue Door Bizarre'


Quiz No. 18: 'Blue Door Bizarre'

Question: "What's strange about this little blue door??

OK, so it's a blue door. There are hundreds of them in Paris. But this one is a little different. Actually, a lot different from all the others. But why?
Get the story right about its curiousness and you're more than half-way there. Tell us where it is and you'll have earned the whole biscuit. A right lovely part of the city, it is, but not necessarily one you'd go to every day, or even every year, unless you had good reason to.
If you know the answer and have already won a previous quiz be a sport and simply give a few cryptic comments to keep the others guessing for a while longer!
I'll publish the answer and a new quiz here very soon - get commenting, even if you don't know - the more the merrier, you know I love hearing from you :-D
DON'T FORGET: Two or three enthusiastic contributors will receive a couple of wonderful, signed Paris Set Me Free bookmarks by post for their efforts. And if you send me a funny pic back showing the bookmarks in use I'll publish them here and link back to a place of your choice. Look - it happened to Paris Paul, and to Priscilla from Prissy Mag, and it could happen to you too!

Quiz No. 17: 'Snake Eyes Watching You' ~ Answer & Winner!
And the winners are...
Jean, from the Paris If You Please Meet Up group and Paris facts freak, and our friend Adela, from the same group, who proved herself a super sleuth in search of the verity, and boy did she find it!
Jean said:

"It's the Synagogue, allegory of the defeated Jewish faith, on the western Notre-Dame facade. The blindfolded eyes stand for the refusal to acknowledge the true Christian faith, whereas the broken stave and the fallen crown symbolise the end of Jewish supremacy."
Adela said:
"I went over to Notre Dame after the architectural walk in the 16th and found the statue immediately. Then I went in and asked the very nice man at the desk if he knew her identity. He spent twenty minutes pouring through his books with no luck...but then he let me have a go at it and bingo!"

She also said a lot more - check it out in the comments section here!
You've both earned your Paris Set Me Free bookmarks but keep trying in the next quizzes - and impress us again :-D

Click on the picture to read the original entry and quiz question if you missed it!
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Jean said...


Sab said...

Ah hah! Looks like the intrepid Jean has an idea but is keeping schtum. Is that a word? Well anyway, what about a little, teeny-weeny clue for us all Jean, si t'en es cap'! ;-D

Jean said...

vingtième, parbleu

Jean said...

Now, is it to do with the original level of the street?

Claudia Carroll said...

Sab: There's a book, "The arcades project" ( Walter Benjamin, Rolf Tiedemann) that tells about an 1800's re-construction of second floors in Paris so that they became retail arcades, with connecting passage-ways to other buildings. Is this what's going on here? But, an ocean away, can't track down a blue door!

Sab said...

Here's the blue door, if this works: ! And yet again you are telling me something I'd love to know more about - this Arcade Project! The surprises just keep on coming!

Jean said...

Oh dear, this one is still on, is it? This is the result of the levelling off of the street so that it would become less steep in the 1840s. As a result, building materials for the so-called Thiers-fortifications could be hauled up.

Sab said...

OK, good one Jean, we'll go with that! Which means I can now put it up as a Paris Places feature on Paris If You Please, which is good, because I was needing a new topic :-D
Let me know your address, by the way Jean, and I'll send you off some fab PSMF bookmarks.

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