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Paris Photo Quiz No.17 ~ 'Snake Eyes Watching You'

Test Your Paris Knowledge
~ Snake Eyes Watching You ~
Paris Set Me Free - Paris Photo Quiz 17 - 'Snake Eyes Watching You'


Quiz No. 17: 'Snake Eyes Watching You'

Question: "Where is she, and what's going on?

An intriguing image, if ever there was one. A woman whose eyes seem to be banded, a broken stave, a fallen crown. This can only mean one thing: someone, somewhere was trying to make a point. But what point?
You may never have explicitely noticed this rather chilling statue before, but I promise you, you have seen it, and maybe many hundreds of times. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that she's probably one of the most photographed statues in the whole city (amongst a few others, admittedly), and maybe the world. Oh yes! But where? That's the first challenge.
The second is to have a go at guessing what all these symbols might mean, as shown above. To be honest, either you know or you don't, but it would be fascinating to hear what you think, and to see how close you can get.
If you get the place right then I'll give you some more info so that you can get some ideas for the rest, ok?!
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Quiz No. 16: 'Railing Against The Pricks' ~ Answer & Winner!
And the winner is...
UMM, WE DON'T HAVE ONE YET! So there's everything to play for people!
So never mind - Quiz No.16 hasn't been 'out there' for long, and I'd say it might be trickier than most. You can always... guess! There's no harm in trying and you might well be right. Look closely at some of those 'pricks' on the horizon and imagine what they might / could / would / should be. We're in Paris, remember ;-D
And think view points - think high up, and then think... not quite the ones I already know about - know any others?

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Jean said...

Hello all, the Synagogue, allegory of the defeated Jewish faith, on the western Notre-Dame facade. The blindfolded eyes stand for the refusal to acknowledge the true Christian faith, whereas the broken stave and the fallen crown symbolise the end of Jewish supremacy. Ta-ta. Jean.

Sab said...

Fantastic Jean - amazing again - I'm proud of you. We're all proud of you ;-D
Now that you've used up this month's supply of Paris Set Me Free bookmarks, if you do happen to know ALL the answers to my quiz questions, maybe you could be generous and just leave comments which don't give the answers away for a while - great ! ;-D
By the way, anyone who has any interesting Notre Dame stories of their own, please share them here, and I'll send you a bookmark too! The more the merrier...

Jean said...

Thanks for the lavish praise, Sab. Do not fear for your bookmarks, I'll have only one, as a token of friendship.
So here's another amazing story about ND. Still on the western facade, there were the statues of the Jewish Kings of Judea, dating from the 13th century. During the 1st French revolution, the revolutionary multitude believed they were representations of French kings, so they beheaded them, as was customary at that time. The originals can be beheld at nearby Musée de Cluny, in the Gallo-Roman baths. Jean

Sab said...

That IS an amazing story Jean, and exactly the sort I want more of - keep them coming :-D

on a vintage path said...

Dummy me...I didn't see where Jean had already answered! I went over to Notre Dame after the architectural walk in the 16th and found the statue immediately. Then I went in and asked the very nice man at the desk if he knew her identity. He spent twenty minutes pouring through his books with no luck...but then he let me have a go at it and bingo!

In his book, they are listed as les statues des contreforts...four in all...added in the nineteenth century to replace statues that were destroyed in la Révolution. On the far left is Saint Etienne and on the far right is Saint Denis. The architect in charge of the restoration, Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, was inspired by the Cathedrals of Strasbourg and Reims and placed statues of l'Eglise and la synagogue in between. (The lack of capitalization of the latter is how it appears in their book).

L'Eglise is described as a strong woman leaning on a cross and holding in her right hand a chalice with the blood and water that escaped from the side of Jesus...symbolizing the two grand sacraments...baptism and the eucharist.

La synagogue is described thusly: Since Christ offered to sacrifice himself, the sacrifice of animals was rendered useless, so that la synagogue was from then on only a disarmed warrior, as is witnessed by the helmet that has fallen over her eyes.

Not quite the makings of a musical comedy! Adela

Sab said...

Hi Adela - your added info is great! Thanks for that, it's fascinating stuff, isn't it?

You can go to a short article on the Paris If You Please blog if you like to see what else I added.

Not everything you had though! Strange the thing about the helmet over her eyes when to me at least it's clearly a serpent! Maybe they changed it.

Well you definitely qualify for a couple of exclusive Paris Set Me Free bookmarks - if you give me your address and full name by e-mail I'll send them to you :-D And thanks for playing!

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