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Paris Photo Quiz No.15 ~ 'Oh My Goodness... It's Huge!'

Test Your Paris Knowledge
~ Oh My Goodness... It's Huge! ~
Paris Set Me Free - Paris Photo Quiz 15 - 'Oh My Goodness... It's Huge!'


Quiz No. 15: 'Oh My Goodness... It's Huge!'

Question: "What & where is it, and what's so huge?!

Sorry about the smuttiness, folks. Allow me my little innuendoes, will you. But then again, I assure you that I'm not adding anything that the original... creator didn't intend themselves, you know!
This is very famous, to those who know the city quite well, and just round the corner from something incredibly famous that looks strangely similar...
But I'll be quite specific in my demands: I'd like to know what we're looking at, functionally speaking, and try to be precise and informative if you can. Secondly, where can we find it? It's such a famous example of its kind there's no excuses really :-) And of course, just what is huge. Don't be shy. If you're thinking what I am you're actually totally right! So let's hear it :-D
DON'T FORGET: The first few people to contribute with something interesting to say will all receive a couple of wonderful, signed Paris Set Me Free bookmarks by post. If you send me a funny pic back showing the bookmarks in use I'll publish them here and link back to a place of your choice. Look - it happened to Paris Paul, and to Priscilla from Prissy Mag, and it could happen to you too!

Quiz No. 14: 'What Am I? A Public Leaning Post?' ~ Answer & Winner!
And the winner is... Marilyn Z. Tomlins, author of the chilling novel 'Die In Paris', which I reviewed and whom I interviewed on the Paris If You Please blog recently! Thanks for playing Marilyn :-D
Marilyn was extremely persistent, illustrating the tenatious researcher that she is, niggling away (see the comments section!) and eventually actually going on-site to see for herself. That's what I like to see! She finally came up with:
"I've got it! An 2000 - la meridienne verte = dunkerque - barcelone. Luxembourg Gardens - Porte Royale."
It was very tricky, because you don't come across these things (of which there are, nevertheless, quite a few) every day. I've found them when running and there's one where I used to live, in the Paris suburbs in Arcueil. And to make it trickier, the actual pretty disc had been stolen in the pic above!
So it was a rather strange initiative by an architecte called Paul Chemetov for the Year 2000 celebrations. His idea was to plant trees all the way along the old Paris meridian, but in Paris it was far more practical to place metal medallions, like the one you don't see in the picture above... But click here (shortly) and I'll reveal them to you in all their glory :-D

Click on the picture to read the original entry and quiz question if you missed it!
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Marilyn said...

It's a doorway... ?

Sab said...

Thank you, Marilyn, for your contribution, which wins you some of my Paris photo bookmarks, to be delivered shortly!

Now I'm looking for 'where' and 'what's so huge' from some others - have a go!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm thinking 29 Avenue Rapp
from the sculptor Jules Livrotte, but
I'm a bit of a cheat since my wife is a researcher and had it sussed in a few minutes. Apparently he used his wife as a model for the top piece, and it's a sort of 'Garden of Eden' maybe the fertility symbol would fit...but maybe your minds are just dirty! Perhaps it's modeled after a plantain and two kiwi
fruits.. So, do I win some bookmarks?!

DavidCKendall said...

That 'anonymous' was me..forgot to mention, it's around the corner from the Tour's that for specificity?

Sab said...

Hi David and thanks for playing. Yep, your answer thoroughly merits you your Paris Set Me Free bookmarks - send me your address and I'll send them off :-D
The guy was called Jules Lavirotte, according to Wikipedia (you see, I show my sources and my use of what's available to me, just like your wife ;-). Apparently he designed seven (7) buildings in or around the seventh, and I reckon we could do an architecture walk to find them on the Paris If You Please Meet Up group one day!

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