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Paris Photo Quiz No.13 ~ 'Bienvenue Chez Alys'

Test Your Knowledge
~ Bienvenue Chez Alys ~

Paris Set Me Free - Paris Photo Quiz 13 - 'Bienvenue Chez Alys'

Quiz No. 13: 'Bienvenue Chez Alys'

Question: "Where are we, and who might we be greeting?

==> COMMENT & WIN! <==
Look at the question carefully folks - I'm not asking you who or what 'ALYS' is or was you'll notice.
We're in Paris, of course, but a rather older Paris, or should I say younger Paris to be more precise, and things have moved on. Certain things don't happen they way they did, or at least not in the places they did before.
Are you catching my drift? Are you diggin' my groove? Are you seeing the types of feet and footware which might have once graced this splendid if faded hallway. It's not so faded in my photo, as I don't do faded too often, but in reality it's a bit of a dusty relic. But a valuable blast from the past, and long may it remain.
So the questions are: where are we - do you know where this little gem is to be found, perchance? And secondly, put yourself in my place - the photographer's place - but years ago, back in the days of Alys... who might have opened that door and thrown light on that colourful mosaic?
DON'T FORGET: The first few people to contribute with something interesting to say will all receive a couple of wonderful, signed Paris Set Me Free bookmarks by post. And if you send me a funny pic back showing the bookmarks in use I'll publish them here and link back to a place of your choice. Look - it happened to Paris Paul, and to Priscilla from Prissy Mag, and it could happen to you too!

Quiz No. 12: 'Peek-a-Boo!' ~ Answer & Winner!
That's right! We're still looking for a comprehensive answer to what this intriguing structure is all about - any offers?
It's pretty famous - amongst Parisians at least, and there's just one of them left in the whole of the city.
But what is it and where can you find it of course. Just in case you wanted to go and have a look. Or should that be 'a smell'?! If you think you have an idea about either of those, post your comment here!

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Marilyn said...

It's part of a sign in front of a public toilet. Or it is the entrance to the Alysia Metro station.

Sab said...

GREAT guesses Marilyn, that's the spirit :-D
I'll be needing some others a little closer to the truth before dishing out bookmarks tho' ;-)
Think, hmmm, naughty vicars?!

Marilyn said...

That word is Thalys. You wiped out the t and the h and turned the photo upside down. But where would they put up such a sign and why naughty vicars? Vicars? Not priests? Priests are the naughty ones. Is it the sign on the door of the WC for vicars on Thalys trains?

Sab said...

Ok, priests if you like :-D
But not Thalys, no; just Alys, and she had quite a reputation in her day, businesswoman of sorts that she was...

Marilyn said...

Alys, Countess of the Vexin, daughter of one of the early Louis. Is it the entrance to her tomb? In the Basilica in Saint Denis perhaps?

Marilyn said...

Ok, now I know (with your help). 15 rue Saint Sulpice... a maison close.

Sab said...

Yes! I'm sorry it took so long, but I was saving it, you see :-D

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