Monday, 8 November 2010

Paris Photo Quiz ~ 'Prissy Pretty Engrossed'

Test Your Knowledge
~ Prissy Pretty Engrossed ~

Priscilla with her novel Stockdale and her Paris Photo Quiz bookmarks
Are you reading me..?


Quiz No. XXX: 'Prissy Pretty Engrossed'

Question: "Which Paris author is the latest winner
of some fabulous Paris Photo Quiz bookmarks?

Yes, that's right! It's the delightful Priscilla from Prissy Mag! Priscilla is here holding a copy of her book Stockdale:
"In the small southern town of Stockdale, Alabama, ...blacks live on one side of the tracks and whites on the other, Cassie Taylor wants nothing more than to get out.
Taught early that she's not free to love whomever she pleases in Stockdale due to the color of her skin, Cassie embarks on a journey that takes her into and out of the arms of bad-boy Blake, and then across the world to South Korea, to the good guy she's certain will save her.
In this tale of self-discovery, adventure, forbidden love and courage, find out what happens in a place where being black or white can mean absolutely nothing or everything."
Click on her picture here to visit Prissy Mag and learn more about her wonderful site and her book too, which is coming out in a new edition shortly, I believe! Thanks for playing, Prissy!
So what are you waiting for? You too could be like Priscilla from Prissy Mag - the proud owner of a couple of delectable little slices of Paris in the fine form of an exclusive, official, signed Paris Set Me Free Bookmark just for leaving a comment on any of the posts you find here. Over to you and... be readin' you!
Note: Can also be used as sunglasses.

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Prissy said...

Thanks for the ultra cool and handy bookmarks! I intend to keep playing, lol. I love all the pictures and the text of course!
Warm wishes,

Sab said...

You're so welcome Prissy! See you soon down at Prissy Mag! :-S

Prissy said...


Paris Paul said...

I see old guys only get 2 bookmarks while young beautiful ladies get a plethora... Yeah, I got you pegged, Sab! (Just teasing, brother!) Congratulations, Prissy!

Sab said...

Yeah, but, I mean, how many books can you read at one time anyway, huh? And well, she's a woman, so she can obviously read about seven concurrently, and she has a growing family, and, and, and she's commented more than once, and, umm, she's young and beautiful. That's it. Sorry.

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