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Paris Photo Quiz No.5 ~ 'Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman'

Test Your Knowledge
~ Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman ~

Paris Set Me Free - Paris Photo Quiz - 'Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman'

Quiz No. 5: 'Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman'

Questions: "What's it for and where can you find it?

This has got to be the cutest little... well: what? It looks like a postbox, but your letter to Auntie Maud in Michegan probably wouldn't end up anywhere useful if you slipped it in.
So tell me, fans of exhuming the most obscure facts Paris has to offer: what is this colourful, and certainly nationalistic little box-on-a-post for, exactly, and where might you find it. My research hasn't taken me further than one location on this particular item, so for all I know there are lots of these sprinkled all over the city - I hope someone will let me know if this is the case.
Oh, and by the way: DON'T FORGET: The first few people to leave comments will all received a wonderful Paris Set Me Free bookmark by post which I am in the process of creating. So there's everything to comment for - looking forward to reading you!

Quiz No. 4: 'Knock Knock - Who's There?' ~ Answer & Winner!
That's right! Despite a couple of knowing comments, we haven't had a proper guess from someone we haven't hear from before, so... what are you waiting for?
Go on - you could be the one, and your name could be broadcast in flashing pixels on this very blog! So go ahead and have a guess - I promise I won't laugh - unless it's really funny! I'm not telling you what it is until someone else has had a go, so there.
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Paris Paul said...

Hi Sab!

Just wanted to let you and your readers know that I received my bookmarks and they're beautiful!

I hope those reading this will take you up on your offer of exchanging a bookmark for a comment; It's a great deal!

Thanks again,

Paris Paul

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi Paul - great - so glad you like them. Anyone else want to have a go at guessing what this is - maybe you can get some funky Paris Set Me Free bookmarks too! Spread the words!

Paris Set Me Free said...

Oh, and Paul: here's a challenge: take the coolest/weirdest/wildest photo you can with your Paris Set Me Free bookmarks in evidence and I'll put it on the site to prove they exist..! Cheers, and see you in those streets!

PLJ of Prissy Mag said...

I'm probably way off track but here's my guess and it's very general: this old box must be somewhere near Quai D'Orsay...police headquarters or the Mairie. Am I wrong? Very wrong? Extememly wrong? It just looks like it should be somewhere "official", lol....

Sab said...

Hi Prissy - you've commented at last! Thereby earning a wonderful (or otherwise) Paris Set Me Free bookmark, even though... you didn't get the answer right :-(

Just how wrong are you..? Well let's see now.

Let me put it this way. Yes, it's definitely in an 'official' place, very important to France; the sort of place that closes at night and opens for visits during the day. Any closer, anyone? A correct answer will still also merit a bookmark or two, so you've got everything to guess for!

on a vintage path said...

Hi Sab! Someone may have already answered this's a collection box for Le Souvenir Fran├žais, an association that was officially founded in 1906, but goes back to 1887. The group's purpose was to erect and maintain the tombs of fallen French soldiers. Written on the lower portion of the box: Familles, fideles a vos tombs pensez a celles des morts pour la France.
The boxes can be found in French cemeteries...Montparnasse, etc. The association is still active and has some 130,000 members.

Sab said...

Hi Adela (on a vintage path)!
Your answer is spot on and very comprehensive - thanks a lot!
Send me your address and I'll send off your prize bookmarks to you forthwith :-D
Thanks for playing and stay tuned for more conundrums!

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