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Paris Photo Quiz No.6 ~ 'Voyage To See The Bottom'

Test Your Knowledge
~ Voyage To See The Bottom ~

Paris Set Me Free - Paris Photo Quiz - 'Voyage To See The Bottom'

Quiz No. 6: 'Voyage To See The Bottom'

Question: "Where am I and what am I looking at?

See the bottom? What 'bottom'? Well, the bottom of this little conundrum, of course!
This is actually a self-portrait, and will makes its proud appearance on the appropriate blog some time hence. But for now, I'm shadily contemplating... what? And where?
I'm loathe to give too many clues because I'd love it to be a real puzzle for you, so let me see what you can come up with and we'll take it from there.
Oh, and by the way: DON'T FORGET: The first two or three people to leave comments will all received a wonderful, signed Paris Set Me Free bookmark by post which I am in the process of creating. No, actually I have created them now as I type. So there's everything to comment for - looking forward to reading you!

Quiz No. 5: 'Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman' ~ Answer & Winner!

Adela, who offered a wonderfully comprehensive answer, which I reprint here:
Someone may have already answered this's a collection box for Le Souvenir Fran├žais, an association that was officially founded in 1906, but goes back to 1887.
The group's purpose was to erect and maintain the tombs of fallen French soldiers. Written on the lower portion of the box: Familles, fideles a vos tombs pensez a celles des morts pour la France.
The boxes can be found in French cemeteries...Montparnasse, etc. The association is still active and has some 130,000 members.
I don't think there's much more to add to that, do you? This box was indeed in the Montparnasse cemetery, and I saw another one recently at Montmartre. Do YOU know where there's another??? Let us know. We NEED to know this sort of thing on the Paris Photo Quiz blog, it's almost a moral obligation :-D
Click on the picture to read the original entry and quiz question if you missed it!

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