Friday, 20 August 2010

Paris Photo Quiz No.1 ~ 'Join The Blue Circles'

Paris Photo Quiz
~ Join The Blue Circles ~

Paris Set Me Free - Paris Photo Quiz - 'Join The Blue Circles'

Quiz No. 1: 'Join The Blue Circles'

Question: "Just what are these strange blue circles, exactly?"

So just what are these strange blue circles drawn onto the pavement, linked by a similar thin blue line? Flying saucer parking spaces perhaps? Giant cheese emplacements? Some sort of strange Parisian street game grid..?

A full answer will include both where they are and what they are there for. More detailed answers will earn you bonus points! Any attempt, comment, question or further info and chat will be warmly read :-) Make sure to read the commenting policy here and have fun!

Quiz No. 0: Answer & Winner!

Just kidding - there isn't any answer or winner yet, of course - it's my very first quiz! But there will be, and I'll look into producing some sort of prize for the wise or wiley winners from time to time, so tell your friends!

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